About Us

Our greatest strength lies in providing solid advisory and management services related to real estate assets.

We are experts in marketing and selling both off-plan and finished properties with a wide range of experience at national and international levels.

MxM New Homes was founded in 2009, in the midst of a real estate crisis, with the goal of offering commercialization and asset management services to the main banking institutions. We created an extensive real estate portal for bank properties (www.inmomaspormenos.com) with which we became a benchmark within the real estate market.

We offer our marketing and asset management services to developers and real estate funds as well as to the major banking institutions. We are constantly seeking to improve what we offer in relation to the management of real estate assets so that our clients obtain better service, more sales in less time and a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our greatest strength lies in the provision of solid advisory and management services in relation to real estate assets. Thanks to our extensive nationwide experience we are experts in the commercialization of both off-plan and finished properties. We have been involved in the successful commercialization of 65 developments since 2009.

We have built up a powerful network of collaborating agencies at international level, all of which are integrated into our customized application through which they are constantly kept up to date with the latest news, new releases, price changes and availability.

We guarantee direct and immediate communication at all times.

We are experts in both the commercialization of your assets and the sourcing of product for our clients.

We are an extremely active partner when it comes to generating customers, buyers and investors through our marketing and sales platforms and resources. We offer our assets through our wide network of collaborators, websites, national and international real estate portals, our in-house designed application and a diverse range of corporate groups and clients that form part of our extensive contact database.

We offer our clients 3 separate portals for the perfect staging of their product: www.inmomaspormenos.com and www.mxmluxuryedition.com for the most exclusive products, and www.mxmobranueva.com / www.mxm-newhomes.com dedicated solely to our portfolio of new build properties. Each of our platforms is linked to the main real estate portals in the relevant segment at both national and international levels.

We are proud to say that we are not a company that just sells a product with the minimum possible investment; we are also a reliable PARTNER who is at your side from start to finish. We invest our own resources and take care of each and every project as if it were our own. All of this additional effort helps us to market our projects in record time, collaborating and creating synergies to make sure we always reach our goals. We achieve excellence by adding something that cannot be bought or measured in financial terms: sincerity, integrity and genuine passion.

Eloy Fernando Martinez Jiménez
Gerente Fundador Más por Menos Servicios Inmobiliarios
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