We sprang to life in the midst of the economic crisis in 2006 to take advantage of the opportunities that this difficult period offered to clients and investors. We surrounded ourselves with experts, banking institutions and lawyers to help us seize the opportunities offered by the situation.

We are still growing today, boosted by the confidence of buyers and investors, and now we are taking another step forward to bring you the best offers in new construction. Carefully contemplating every move, paying attention to every detail.

What we bring to the table is the wealth of experience and knowledge that we have gathered over the years, offering you the highest quality materials customized to perfectly enhance your new home. Our innovation and development department is at your service at all times so that your home features the latest in technology and construction methods.


Professionals in the management of real estate assets. A reliable guarantee for investors

We have a network of international collaborators and partners to increase our foreign market penetration, which we reinforce through targeted advertising campaigns not only locally but also in our target audience’s home countries. A top team of specialists to make sure the end customers are reached through their preferred channels.

For the MxM New Build team, the follow-up and after-sales service is as important as the initial acquisition. We carry on working with maximum transparency and accompany the client months after the purchase of the property, thereby increasing customer satisfaction while reducing complaints and associated costs.

We are a very active partner in the generation of clients, buyers and investors, through our marketing and sales platforms and resources. We offer our assets through our wide network of collaborators, websites, national and international real estate portals, our PPP and a wide portfolio of groups and clients that make up our portfolio of contacts and investors.

We are proud to say that we are not a company that just sells a product with the minimum possible investment, we are also a PARTNER, we invest and take care of the project as if it were our own. All our extra economic effort helps us to market our projects in record time, because we know how to join forces. We achieve excellence by adding something that cannot be bought or measured with money: sincerity, integrity and passion.

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  • Sandra was very attentive to our request and from the very beginning she looked for an opportunity to satisfy our request. She helped us a lot in choosing, you were always friendly, always explaining all the advantages of the apartments in phase 1 and phase 2. Also, she was always in touch and responded very quickly to our questions. I am sure that all the factors I mentioned played a decisive role in my purchase, as well as in the fact that we were able to convince our friend Timur Salimov to buy.

    Andrei Mischenko
  • About Sandra, the professional who sold us our future home, we can only say the following:
    Alexia Live was a newly built housing development, which we had already seen in 2019, plus many others in Benalmadena, Mijas, Torremolinos and Estepona.
    Sandra Martin attended us, and she did it with such professional conviction of the product she was selling, objecting and magnifying the pros and minimizing the cons, comparing it with the competition, giving an added value to the promoter and owner of the land, arguing with simplicity but with conviction the qualities of her product, that from that first visit, we did not feel like visiting any other.

    Fernando Benjumeda